>PASSED! Lucy Burrows & Paige Martin top of the cla

PASSED! Lucy Burrows & Paige Martin top of the class!

At Wishart Estate Agents we firmly believe that our customer care and award winning service sets us apart from other agents. However, just as important is our experience and tangible knowledge of the sale of residential property, in brief, your home.

As Lucy Burrows and Paige Martin reach the half way point in their current studies, we thought now would be a good time to explain their continued professional development programme. Lucy & Paige are on the path to becoming Members of the National Association of Estate Agents PropertyMark.

Last year both ladies applied for student grade of the NAEA PropertyMark, following in the footsteps of Christine and myself. Our goal is to have our whole team fully qualified by Summer 2018.

Having already had many years’ experience in the industry, it was decided that Lucy would skip the Level 2 Introductory qualification for beginners, and focus on the Level 3 Award in the sale of Residential Property.  Eagar to keep up with her team mate, and following on from her former studies of Law and English at A-Level, our trainee estate agent Paige also took up the Level 3 challenge.

‘’Formerly known as the Technical Award, this qualification is ideal for candidates wanting to improve existing knowledge in the key areas related to residential sales. It requires approximately 120 study hours to complete and you will receive a nationally recognised qualification equivalent to A Level/Higher. This qualification is accepted for NAEA Propertymark membership.’’ – NAEA PropertyMark

This qualification is no walk in the park. Hours of revision, in office discussion and on the job training have contributed to the ladies success so far. The Level 3 Award in the sale of Residential Property is made up of the follow four units:

1. General Law, Health, Safety & Security in Relation to the Sale of Residential Property

This unit is about understanding the general concepts of law relevant to an estate agent selling residential property. It deals with the historical development and current concepts of the relevant statute and common law to enable estate agents to understand and carry out their duties to colleagues, customers and the general public. Health, safety and security issues are also covered including the legislation and best practice issues relevant to an estate agent in their duties within and outside their office when dealing with colleagues and customers and visiting residential properties.

2. Law Relating to Residential Property Sales

This unit is about the codes of practice, common law and legislative provisions that is specific to carrying out residential property sales. It stresses the importance of the estate agent understanding and complying with all the relevant provisions

3. Practice Relating to Residential Property Sales

This unit deals with how estate agents should conduct themselves when carrying out residential sales in order to comply with all relevant statute, common law and principles of best practice and ethics. It deals with the agent's actions within and outside the office when dealing with colleagues and customers and visiting residential properties.

4. Property Appraisal and Basic Building Construction and Defects

This unit deals with the legal and factors relating to an estate agent preparing for and carrying out a property appraisal. It covers issues concerning the valuation, and marketing of residential property. It also includes an understanding of domestic building construction and the recognition and causes of common defects together with any remedial action available.

Testament to their determination, the ladies pass rates for unit 1 & 2 have included results at a whopping 90% and even an excellent 100%!

We wish Lucy and Paige the best of luck as they head towards unit 3 & 4. We are incredibly proud to support them in the development of their careers and look forward to welcoming them as members of the NAEA come summer 2018.

Is your estate agent qualified to sell your biggest asset? If you’re arranging a market appraisal of your home, ALWAYS ask what qualifications that estate agent holds.

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