>How well does your estate agent know your home?

How well does your estate agent know your home?

Following on from two of our viewings this weekend, I felt I had to write about this subject as it is so important, but so often over looked by other agents.

 ‘’Another agent we met today didn’t know anything about the house they were showing us’’

‘’Our estate agent is nice, but we don’t think they’re putting this much effort into getting to know our home’’

‘’The agent on the phone had never visited the property I called about, so couldn’t answer my questions’’

How is it possible for your estate agent to sell your biggest asset, when they don’t know anything about it?!

At Wishart Estate Agents we carry out a comprehensive market appraisal at each and every property. Following your instruction to sell, every member of our sales team visits your property prior to marketing. This way we get to know you and your home and you’re fully aware who you’ll be working with.

In the meantime, we ask all of our clients to fill out our Property Information Questionnaire which then becomes part of our manual for your home. We review the Property Information Questionnaire prior to each viewing and carry our manual with us while showing potential purchasers around.

As a personal estate agent, we take the time to really get to know your home, which in turn, enables us to point out the features and benefits to each individual viewer. We also take the time to get to know our viewers, really understanding their wants and needs.   Having worked in the industry for many years, I am aware that high volume estate agents simply don’t find the time to make this effort, and it shows.

Being fully informed and knowledgeable about your property doesn’t just help us to secure and carry out informative viewings. What happens after this?

Wishart Estate Agents, fully acquainted with you and your property, then use this information to negotiate with potential purchasers. We are entirely confident that your property is a better purchase than the house in the next street, because we’ve thoroughly researched your home. We have seen the guarantees for your recent windows and doors, your boiler installation a year ago and the driveway you had re-laid prior to marketing your home.

Estate Agent B’s negotiations on the house in the next street are now entering day three, questions backwards and forwards to the vendor and waiting for confirmation of paperwork…….guess what…….. their potential purchaser is fed up of waiting. Having lost confidence in No Clue Estate Agents and their vendors Mr & Mrs Slow, they’re looking for other houses to view. The following day, while No Clue Estate Agents are still waiting on Mr & Mrs Slow to tell them when the boiler was last serviced, following a highly informative viewing and confident negotiations, we’ve sold them your home.

Can you really afford to let No Clue Estate Agents handle the sale of your biggest asset?

Would you like to feel confident as well as cared for while selling your home?

Call Lucie or Christine at Wishart Estate Agents on 01904 849441 and let’s chat about the sale of your home.

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