>Whiffs, Sniffs and Scents

Whiffs, Sniffs and Scents

On entering a property, a pleasant aroma creates a great first impression for viewers and guests. Follow our quick tips to banish those unwelcome whiffs and ensure your home smells its best.

  • Keep your home well ventilated. Open windows, allow the fresh air to circulate, this will eradicate stale odours. Trickle vents on double glazed windows should remain open the majority of the time.

  • TOP TIP: Place a couple of tumble dryer sheets behind a radiator, the heat releases a pleasant odour without being overpowering.

  • Many lingering odours are a result of cooking; you can eliminate these naturally by cutting two lemons in half and boiling them in a small amount of water for several minutes. The steam disperses the fresh aroma and helps neutralize the offending smell.

  • You can also try boiling 200ml of white vinegar and 200ml of water for 15 mins, White vinegar is a natural deodoriser.

  • Add two tablespoons of Bicarbonate of Soda to the bottom of your kitchen bin to absorb any bad odours.

  • When cleaning, add a couple of drops of essential oils i.e. Pine, Citrus or Lavender to your vacuum cleaner.

  • Overpowering synthetic smells aren’t very popular. Always go for natural scents.

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