>How to make all natural, festive pomander balls

How to make all natural, festive pomander balls

Fragrance your home with the smell of Christmas and have your viewers drooling at the door.

This natural air fresher is easy to make, looks attractive and can even keep the kids busy for an afternoon.

You will need:

A jar of cloves

(You can buy these cheaper in a bag at any mix shop)

A pile of citrus fruits – various sizes look best as a centre piece

Toothpicks – You don’t want to spike your fingers as you push the cloves in

Elastic bands if you want to be really neat with your design

A big needle and some garden twine if you wish to hang your pomander balls

What to do:

Pour the cloves into a small bowl, or two if you’re making this a group activity.

Select your citrus fruit and prick your design into it with a toothpick.

Add the cloves into the holes to create your design.

If you wish to hang your pomander, thread a large needle with garden twine through the top ¼ of the fruit and knot at the end.

You can either hang your decoration or arrange them in bowl as a festive centre piece.

Drying out your pomanders in a warm, dark place before you display them will ensure they last longer. Don’t worry this doesn’t affect the scent at all.

Keeping your centre piece in the fridge overnight will also preserve it for a little longer.


What to do now? Get the kids to start writing their Christmas lists for Santa!

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