>Unleash the inner show home in your property!

Unleash the inner show home in your property!

These simple selling secrets from award winning Wishart Estate Agents York & Tadcaster will unleash the inner show home in any property. If followed correctly, these tips will add to the saleability of your home.

If you are considering selling your home in 2018, you may not be ready to book appointments with an estate agent yet, but this guide will get you started on the road to that satisfying SOLD sign. When it comes to selling property, it is imperative to be objective and honest with yourself: selling a house is an emotive exercise, but once you’re on the path to new beginnings it is an exciting and transformative journey.

Let there be light: maximize the light in your home. A lighter home will feel larger and welcoming to your potential purchasers.

  • Clean windows and doors, inside and out, or employ the services of a window cleaner.
  • Old style low energy bulbs don’t give the best light, treat yourself to the newer style.
  • Lamps add a soft, ambient light, ideal for evening or winter viewings.
  • Remove net curtains and always open blinds for viewings.
  • Redecorate dark or tired rooms in a neutral, (yes, perhaps boring) but saleable colour.
  • Trim bushes and trees which are excessively blocking natural daylight into your home.

Lamps add a soft, ambient light, ideal for evening or winter evenings

DIY SOS: We all have them, those small, niggly jobs which we never get round to doing. Potential purchasers see these items as clues that the property hasn’t been maintained well by the current owners.

  • Touch up any chipped paintwork or areas which look tired or dirty.
  • For squeaky doors, WD40 is your best friend.
  • Bleach tile grout clean using a toothbrush
  • Replace any broken items including switches, handles, paving stones and fences

Bleach tile grout clean using a tootbrush

We’ve discussed the areas inside your home but the external areas are just as important

  • Trim trees and bushes, weed your flower beds and mow the lawn.
  • Clean or re-paint any external joinery.
  • Power wash all hard landscaping, driveways , patio seating areas and dirty walls
  • Power-wash all hard landscaping, driveways, patio seating areas and dirty walls.
  • Add hanging baskets or pot plants to the front of the property, it creates a welcoming first impression.
  • When it comes to photography & viewings, unless you have a sweeping driveway with lots of space, remove cars, bikes and caravans off the driveway.
  • Put away any outside toys and it goes without saying…….if you have pets, scoop the poop!
  • If you are in a flat add a welcoming mat and ensure the managing agent has all common area tidy, and lights working.

One last thing to remember, pricing is key. Buyers have all of the comparable evidence they need at their fingertips. On-line property portals and land registry provide information on recently sold properties, including the price they achieved, the square footage and even the energy efficiency.

NEVER be fooled by the estate agent offering a high valuation figure with weak comparable evidence. More time on the market usually means a lower sale price.

Pricing is key, but with your now ‘market ready’ home, and Wishart Estate Agents professional assistance, you’ll be sure to get the very best price for your property.

If you have any questions regarding the potential of your home, you can call Wishart Estate Agents on 01904 404558 & our team will be more than happy to help. Property is our passion, and we’d love to discuss yours with you.

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