On the fourth day of Christmas my true love sent to me, Four Calling Birds.....

Imagine your ideal home, clean and tidy, lamps glowing, a peaceful haven in which to relax after a hard day at work. Now imagine real life, the kids have made a mess, the TV is blaring and you’ve more washing hanging around than a laundrette.

While we appreciate life doesn’t stop because you’re selling your home, it is important to prepare for viewings. Creating a peaceful environment should be part of that preparation.

  • Silence is golden. Fixing creaking stairs and floorboards is more often than not, an easier job than you think. Don’t let a quick DIY job be the reason your potential purchasers buy the house in the next street.

  • We know the kids uniforms need washing and the pots need cleaning, but It’s not a good idea to set washing machine and dishwasher going just before a viewing.  Estate Agents are not usually quiet, shy people but we wouldn’t want to compete with a 60 degree cycle.

  • A tranquil, relaxing bath isn’t the same when you have an extractor fan akin to a jet engine whirling away above your head. We recommend noisy extractor fans are serviced or replaced. TOP TIP: a good clean and a spritz of WD40 can usually silence a squeaky fan.

  • If your home is situated on a busy street, perhaps it’s time to consider the benefits of double glazing. Not only will it improve your EPC rating but will reduce your energy bills and keep your home warm. We understand not everyone wants to spend money on new windows prior to selling their home. If the noise is particularly bad we recommend at least replacing the windows which face the source of noise. At the very least, it’s a good idea to obtain a quote or two, this way potential purchasers can factor this cost for a later date.

We hope you liked this post. Look out for The Fifth Day of Christmas coming up soon.

What to do now? Go give that extractor fan a good clean!

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