November 1st and there’s a hint of Winter in the air

What better way to welcome people to your home - whether viewers, guests or just yourself - than with the scents of the season. Warming, evocative and good for the soul, the way your home smells can have a huge effect on the way you feel, especially at this time of year.


Oil burners are timeless and have certainly come a long way. Manual or electric, modern or traditional, you can now get them in an array of shapes and sizes with a colour and style to suit any home. Wax melts are of the same ilk and have risen in popularity over recent years and what about electric diffusers?  Don’t even get me started on these fabulous pods with their magical mist!


Candles not only smell amazing, but their warm glow can create an ambience in any area of the home. A top viewing tip for winter is to make the space look and feel cosy, fire and candles on if possible.


I personally tend to find plugins a little overpowering and synthetic smelling and always wonder what our pets think to them. Surely they’re too strong for their sensitive little noses?! With this in mind, I’d only ever consider using one in a large room or open hallway with a staircase.


Putting the coffee pot on for viewings has been a top tip for years, so why not try filling your home with the scent of a tasty tipple. Although we don’t encourage getting your viewers tipsy enough to place an offer there on the spot, the best winter evenings are always spent sipping on hot chocolate or a mulled anything. Particularly if you are congratulating yourself for getting the house clean and tidy for a viewing!


Baking bread is another firm favourite when trying to create that illustrious cosy home smell but cakes, bakes and cookies will also have the desired effect. Just make sure to time it right for the moment your potential buyers walk through the door.


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