>Autumnal Home Trends

Autumnal Home Trends

So the season has well and truly turned here in Yorkshire and Team Wishart are fully embracing it. From the blur of deep reds, warm browns and golden hues to the lingering scent of pumpkin spice and bonfires – Autumn has most definitely arrived!


As I listen to the wind and rain whip around outside my house (which already has the heating turned up!) I can’t help thinking about the luxury of autumnal home trends. Whether wooing viewers, entertaining socially distanced guests or just enjoying your home for your own delight, here are some top autumnal trends.  



Almost all shops sell autumnal wreaths now. Think Christmas, but in a woodland of pumpkins and conkers. They come in every shade of burnt orange, sunset red and hot chocolate brown and I personally love to make my own. Although a little help from a ready-made base is a good starting point.



Staircases, chimney breasts, windowsills, porches - you name it and you can pretty much guarantee you can hang a garland from it. Why not get busy collecting up some colourful leaves while the wind is up this weekend. All you need are some dry leaves, a hole punch and some country garden-like twine.


Pumpkins and Planters

Dressing the front of your home is growing in popularity year on year and it has escalated from a single pumpkin, for one night of the year, to Chelsea flower show style installations. Some of us even remember the humble turnip lantern we had for Halloween! Mixing pumpkins with pots full of winter bedding is a sure-fire way to add a warm welcome to your home and instant kerb appeal for those who are selling.


Cushions and Throws

Are you a cushion person? Or do you stick with the same two flat cushions that sit on the sofa all year round? The changing of the seasons can give us a great opportunity to refresh our internal décor, helping to keep our homes interesting and welcoming – something which is particularly important as the nights start to draw in. It is definitely time to grab a few snuggly throws and cosy cushions and style up your sofa.



I love a basket so much it needs its own special mention. Log baskets by the fire, blanket baskets by the sofa, even loo roll baskets by the toilet! You can dress them up with ribbons on the handles, garlands draped in or around them or just have them filled with lots of autumnal necessities. BUT absolutely do not forget they are also loved by spiders, so be sure to clean them out regularly and pop a few conkers in the bottom to help keep them spider free.



I am known for having candles everywhere at home simply because there isn’t an area that won’t benefit from one. Coming in all shapes, sizes, colours and scents, they are a perfect way to add a subtle sense of personality to your home, be it a regular signature scent or a seasonal switch up as you change the cushions!


Autumnal home activation mode now activated!

Lucie x