What can I expect from viewings during the CV pandemic?

We expect all face to face appointments relating to the sale and purchase of property to change for quite some time. We recommend vendors and purchasers familiarise themselves with the new rules to allow them to continue to enjoy the sale and purchase of property with as little disruption as possible. cLick here for the latest Government guidelines.

You are responsible for your own safety & the safety of those around you. If you have any symptoms you must not leave your home or invite anyone in and you must follow the government guidelines regarding self-isolation. Stay alert & stay safe.

All agents have their own approach to following the guidelines but every agent should follow them to the letter. Here are a few notes on what to expect from viewings with Wishart Estate Agents:

Wishart Estate Agents will undertake a risk assessment of each property in their portfolio in relation to the risks associated with COVID-19. This will be done in consultation with the vendors of the property in advance of any face-to-face viewings taking place.

Wishart Estate Agents will not be conducting open viewings under any circumstances.

Viewings will be kept to a maximum of 15 minute slots with an appropriate break in between viewers.

Face-to-face viewings will only be given to those in a position to proceed and with finances in place.

Only one face-to-face viewing will be allowed per property – second face-to-face viewings regrettably cannot be accommodated unless it reaches the stages of negotiating an offer on the property, and second viewings are deemed necessary.

Viewers should travel by foot or personal transport where possible. Viewings will take place outside of rush hour times where possible, if viewers must use public transport to attend the viewing.

Vendors will not be present for viewings of their properties carried out by Wishart Estate Agents to keep the number of people to a minimum. Should vendors wish to carry out their own viewings, they must do so following this guidance.

One member of Wishart Estate Agents will attend the property at an agreed time, wearing appropriate PPE. Wishart Estate Agents will remain outside of the property during a viewing, and having been satisfied that the viewers understand and will work alongside the guidance provided by us.

Viewing numbers are limited to a maximum of two people per property, who must be living in the same household. If a couple wish to view that currently live in separate households, they are required to book two separate appointments. Viewings for extended family members will not take palce but you are welcome to video call from the property. 

We politely request that children do not attend viewings unless absolutely necessary. Should a child have to attend, we request that they remain outside with one responsible adult from the same household, and that each adult takes it in turn to view the property.

Everyone entering the property must wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds upon entering and leaving, and dry them with paper towels provided. If this is not possible, personal hand sanitiser must be used instead.

Social distancing is to be maintained at all times, keeping to an absolute minimum of 2m apart.

It is recommend you wear face mask for your own safety and safety of those around you.

Wishart Estate Agents will ensure the property is locked upon leaving, and will wipe the door handle with an antibacterial wipe. Following the appointment vendors are required to antibacterial wipe all handles and surfaces as a precautionary measure.

Should a viewer or vendor refuse to abide by these requirements, the viewing will not go ahead.

This is not an exhaustive list, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the team on 01904 404558.

We're looking forward to assisting those buying and selling property during this time and thank you for your understanding as we all navigate the new way of estate agency.