Mind your manners! Viewing etiquette

Do you consider yourself a person with good manners? Most of us would reply “yes”, I’m sure. However, when it comes to viewing properties, lots of people forget good, old fashioned politeness.

If you have arranged a viewing, call ahead if you’re going to be late, if you need to cancel do so with plenty of notice and always provide feedback after the viewing.

Most home-owners spend hours getting their homes ready for each and every viewing. Those with children and pets have even more work to do cleaning and making arrangements to vacate their home while the viewing takes place. You may think “that’s the responsibility of the home-owner when selling”, and you are correct, but it still takes effort. Realistically, how many of us actually live to ‘show home’ standards every single day? I visit a lot of homes and not many of us do, nor are we expected to. Consider how you left your home and garden this morning; is it all ‘show home’ perfect?

Along with the hours of preparation, comes the strange feeling of the whole world looking at photos of your home on-line; it is a bit weird when you think about it, your personal space out there for the whole world to see. This is only topped by actual strangers walking around your home, looking in your bedroom and bathroom! Of course it all needs to be done in order to sell, and most home-owners detach themselves by the time it comes to upload the house details onto the internet, but still, it can leave even the most confident of people feeling a little uneasy.

Imagine the disappointment, then, of no feedback at all following a viewing on your home.  There’s nothing more disappointing to a home-owner than a viewer failing to provide feedback on their property. It is good manners to provide straight-forward, honest feedback on the properties you view. If you’re selling your home, you want to know feedback, good and bad; it all helps with the sale of the property.

At Wishart Estate Agents we’ve taken a different approach to viewing feedback. The standard way for an estate agent to collect viewing feedback is to call the viewers the following morning. We do this and will make three attempts via telephone/e-mail to collect feedback from viewers in the following days. However, we also call our clients immediately after every viewing of their home to give our initial thoughts on how the viewing went, providing instant feedback and hopefully reassurance. Our clients really appreciate this extra level of service eradicating the anxious wait after each and every viewing.

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