>It turns out, what you show on the outside really

It turns out, what you show on the outside really does count.....

Summer is coming to an end. The long nights of winter are starting to creep in day by day; you’re mostly thinking about wrapping up and keeping warm, the last thing you’re thinking about is moving.......or cleaning external areas!

However, winter brings a lot of surprising opportunities if you’re looking to sell your home. Buyers who have been unsuccessful in their springtime search, are now hopeful to find a home before Christmas or the New Year.

Fortunately, here at Wishart Estate Agents, we are happy to share the experience of many winter market places with you. In the blog below, we offer a few helpful tips for the external areas of your home. We know it’s more difficult to make your home warm and welcoming when it’s so cold and miserable outside, but we can help make your home stand out from the rest.

TOP TIP 1 – First impressions count  

Clear up any fallen leaves, fruits and dead flowers. Autumnal debris gives the impression you're not that house proud. Debis can also block up gutters and drains, which could develop in to a problem for you, or your buyers.

Our gardens don’t look the best at this time of year, but your buyer will want to see what’s there, not the remains of autumn.

TOP TIP 2 -Sparkle and shine in the winter sun

Cleaning your windows makes the home feel fresher and brighter all round.  It may be limited but the winter sunlight will stream through clean windows creating a fresher feel. If your windows are dirty, the sun light will show the dirt that a dull winters day mask.

Dirty windows can actually make a home feel drab and dark. We also highly recommend cleaning your front door, as this is the first thing your viewers see before stepping over the threshold to their potential new home.  Polish the door furniture and repaint timber if necessary.  Windows and doors can actually add kerb appeal, so let’s show them some TLC.

TOP TIP 3 - Lights, Camera, Action!

Don’t forget to turn on the lights before an autumn/winter viewing.  Outside lights are just as important as internal. Clean your external lighting and replace bulbs where needed.

Finally, make sure there are no problems with access.

The last thing you want is potential purchasers arriving to discover there is nowhere to park. Remember, they may be driving in an area they don’t know, possibly getting frustrated and then having to walk for a couple of minutes in the cold weather to find your home.

If they arrive wet and cold and a little annoyed, the viewing probably isn’t going to go well. Put yourself in their shoes; invite your viewers to park on your driveway or as close as possible. If you have a residents permit parking, be ready at your door to hand the permit across.

A good first impression will impress. Sometimes the little things you wouldn’t normally think about, can make all the difference. Make sure your viewing gets off to a good start.

Are you carrying out your own viewings? Wishart Estate Agents offer a fully accompanied viewings service within our fee. If you’d like us to take care of your property sale, please call our friendly team on 01904 404558.