>Picture of floor plan with phone and yellow pencil

Why is it important to look at the floor plan of a property?

A professionally drawn floor plan can tell you so much about the potential of a property if you really take the time to have a good look over it.

We always recommend taking as much time to consider this as we do the photography of a property, as after all, unless you are planning a total renovation project, the floor plan will largely remain the same, whereas the interior will likely change to suit your taste.

  • Room measurements: Not only are these helpful in terms of planning your room layout and furniture positioning but they can also give a really good idea of the available space in comparison to your current property.

TOP TIP – Measure your current rooms so you know exactly how much extra space you may or may not get with the new property.

  • Overall sq. ft: Knowing the overall sq. ft. of your current property will allow you to really get a feel for the potential space of a new property, prior to even viewing it. You’ll easily be able to compare the space available to what you currently have, so if you’re set on significantly upsizing, there’s very little point in viewing a property at 1800 sq. ft. if you already have 1750 sq. ft. in your current property.
  • Compass: A good/professional floor plan will always have a compass on it. This will allow you to determine which areas of a property/garden will catch the sun and shade and at which times of the day.

TOP TIP – Don’t dismiss a north-facing garden if it is large enough to catch the sun in various area, throughout the day.

  • Room layout: Being able to see the full property layout in front of you can make it easier to inspire and visualise possible extension and renovation opportunities. It can help you to plan exactly how you will use the property.
  • Garages: It’s always handy to check the measurement of a property’s garage against the size of your car, if this is how you intend to use it. However, these days garages tend to be used more as home offices, gyms or for storage.

So next time you’re looking at the details for a property, pay some particular attention to the floor plan – they can tell you a lot more than at first glance!