>What a load of rubbish!

What a load of rubbish!

More top tips from Wishart Estate Agents, this week, we’re talking rubbish.

Pick it up

Always clear away litter hanging around your street. First impressions count, so, if your street looks like a rubbish tip, it could actually affect the appeal and ultimately the price of your property. It may not be your litter, but it directly affects the sale of your property. It’s time to grab a rubbish bag and pop on your rubber gloves. After all, who wants to buy a house in an untidy street?

Bin day

Wheelie bins overflowing with household litter are off putting.  They alterater the appearance of the street and can give a bad first impression.

Then there’s the parking/access issue as potential purchasers struggle with the bin lorry to get access to your property and park safely.

Finally, the big tidy up isn’t over after the bin man disappears. Sadly, no one’s invented a bin which puts itself out and away. Often bins are left on the street until home owners return from work (unless you have fabulous neighbours who will bring your bin in for you)

At this time of year, the weather can also cause chaos. Prospective buyers may be put off by completing an obstacle course over the neighbours recycling before they step through your front door.

Our advice is simple; try avoid viewings on bin days, if at all possible.