>Quick tips for rainy day viewings

Quick tips for rainy day viewings

Inevitably, living in North Yorkshire means there are going to be days when the weather doesn't quite match the cheerful personality of the ladies at Wishart Estate Agents.

However, we don't let the weather stop us showing our properties to their full potential and neither should you!

Here are some quick tips for rainy day viewings:

  • Make sure your home feels cosy, warm and welcoming - light candles, turn on lamps and if it's a little cold, light the fire. It’s important for potential buyers to see what a wonderful home your property can be, whatever the weather!
  • Keep a door mat by the front door. We always ask our viewers to remove their shoes to prevent any mess, but it also shows you care about your flooring, which could soon become theirs.
  • Finally, if you have pets, make sure you remove the signature 'wet dog' smell.  We love our four legged friends, but always carry fresh smelling fragrance in our trusty viewing kit. Lighting a scented candle, opening a window or even brewing some fresh coffee in the kitchen will all help to prevent nasty wiffs for those all important first impressions.

We're always prepared with our Wishart Estate Agents umbrella by the back door to allow viewers to venture into the garden.

Wish us luck as we venture out in the rain to show these lovely proerties today!

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