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How is it almost the end of October already?! So much has happened this year, but then so little at the same time. A lot of us feel like we’re living in the twilight zone, nothing feels real and there’s a lot of weird stuff going on - and that’s not just because Halloween is fast approaching.


As the days grow shorter and the nights draw in, a little escapism can go a long way. A restful and relaxing bedroom can work wonders for the soul. But what about when presenting a bedroom for the purpose of selling?


Here are some tips for ensuring your bedrooms are at their very best for viewings:


  • Get rid of any unnecessary clutter
    Follow in the footsteps of organisation guru Marie Kondo and ‘defeat clutter to spark joy’. This will help to create a calm, seamless space where your viewers can imagine themselves switching off from the world.
  • That fresh bed feeling
    It goes without saying that your beds should be made and the bedding clean. Nothing quite beats the smell of freshly washed linen as you enter a room. Pop a little extra fabric conditioner in the wash or spritz with a bit of fabric freshener before the viewing. If you’re feeling a bit extra, tucking a couple of tumble-dryer sheets in the pillowcases or behind the radiator works every time!
  • Match your bedding
    Try to go for neutral, light or at least matching bedding. If your bedroom has seen better days and you don’t want to invest in new bedding for each room, use a neutral throw to cover the bed. The room will certainly photograph better.
  • Be realistic
    If you’re staging a double bedroom, ideally make sure the bed can be accessed from both sides. This will help to emphasise the space and functionality of the room.
  • Accessorise
    Cushions and throws make perfect accessories for home staging, be it to disguise and neutralise or just to add a cosy feel to the room.
    Remember your viewers aren’t considering just staying the night but in fact staying for all of their future nights. Don’t give them nightmares, help them visualise your bedroom as their sleep sanctuary.

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